Bend Favorite MOsley WOtta is Back

By Patrick Fancher

mosleywottaAttention, all hip-hop junkies and anyone with ears, MO WO is returning to Corvallis for another show at Bombs Away Cafe on Saturday, May 31. Of course, I’m talking about Bend’s own hip-hop/rock band MOsley WOtta, and if you haven’t seen these guys perform yet, go to this show. Led by amazing lyricist extraordinaire Jason Graham, their music is funky enough for everyone to enjoy.

MOsley WOtta describes themselves on their Facebook page as “Mr. Rogers, Mr. Bungle, Pam the Funkstress, Aesop Rock, Joni Mitchell, Lauryn Hill, Pee Wee Herman, and Bjork made sweet love under a juniper tree beneath a full moon during the summer solstice, and nine months later MOsley WOtta was born.” That description isn’t far off, and you can hear it in their songs, especially the Aesop Rock influence.

Give the songs “Heir Go,” “Front Porch,” and the album KinKonk a listen on their site, and you’re guaranteed to become a fan before the show at Bombs.

Admission is $5 and the WO MO concert starts at 10 p.m. at Bombs Away Cafe, 2527 NW Monroe Avenue.