Album Release at Bombs Away

By Joel DeVyldere

ShySeasons2A cloud hangs over the music of Portland psych-rockers The Shy Seasons. Long, meandering tracks leave space for reflection and provide energy for inspiration. Slow, methodically beautiful, and melancholy pronouncements may have you holding back tears and appropriate comparisons to “Paranoid Android.”

To that they add psychedelic light shows and videos combined with high-energy stage antics and genuinely wacky costumes. “It’s our effort to put on more than just a rock gig that sets us apart from other acts,” said bassist Chad Miner.

The band tends to write in a jam format, with each member tweaking and adding from original compositions by singer and guitarist Keenan Olsen. The result is a coherently melancholy sound with intermittently puzzling lyrics: “I’m painting pictures for my static hearts. When tigers come and tear me all apart,” Olsen sings.

This group’s songwriting comes from every angle, both musically and lyrically. Accordingly, Miner said he finds his motivation to create in the everyday. “We want to create for our listeners that same experience we get from our favorite music. Inspiration is everywhere if you know how to listen and look.”

The Shy Seasons will release their album RoboFunk vs Digital Soul this Saturday at 10 p.m. at Bombs Away Cafe. Local band Funkle Ted will also play. Cover: $3.