Thoughts and Longings at the Arts Center

Arts CenterThe Arts Center wraps up its 50th year in Corvallis with a three person show starting December 13th. Entitled Thoughts & Longings, the show features Renee Zangara, Renee Couture and Amanda Salov, all Oregon artists, displaying installations of their work.

Renee Zangara is a Bay Area transplant to Portland who has been featured in galleries and shows there, including at Oregon Health & Science University. Her installation is comprised of 730 mono-prints on tissue paper.

Renee Couture is an artist specializing in political and social commentary, living in Glide, Oregon. She splits time doing her art and teaching art classes at Umpqua Community College.

Amanda Salov lives in Corvallis. She moved here from Arkansas with her husband who is a student at Oregon State. Her work has shown all over the country, including in Milwaukee this upcoming spring.

Her installation at the show consists of thousands of sweet gum seed pods, or “gumballs,” that have fallen off the trees all over Corvallis. The gumballs have been dipped in liquid porcelain, and then fired. When they get hot, the pod inside burns away and all that’s left is a clear exoskeleton.

“I’m looking forward to it I’ve never had my work shown in Corvallis before, so it will be nice to kind of have a place to experiment, in this venue, that’s nice and close to home,” says Salov.

The Arts Center, founded in 1963, is wrapping up a big year in the historic Madison Avenue building it has occupied for over 40 years, including the launch of the sustainability fund. The fund was created as a reserve to protect the Center in case of a financial emergency.

“I think she just wanted to put a nice end cap on the 50th anniversary for the Arts Center,” says Salov about gallery curator Hester Coucke’s choice of the three artists for the show.

The artists don’t know each other, but their art will be residing and intertwining in the Center, in unknown and wonderful ways. This is all part of the fun for artists like Salov.

“I’m so glad she got me into this group show, this 3 person show, because it would be a huge space to fill with my tiny, tiny art,” Amanda says with a laugh, “but there’s always interesting dialogue going on between work when you set it up in the same space.”

The show runs to January 18th 2014 at the Arts Center,