New Issue: January 31st, 2013

In this week’s Corvallis Advocate…

The Furry Underbelly of Groundhog Day: A Crazy Tradition’s Historical Roots

ODOT’s High-Speed Passenger Trains: Coming to the Willamette Valley?

USDA Offers New Microloans to Small Farmers

Finally Time to Tell Your Valentine How You Feel? The Advocate Can Help!

Sick Town Derby Dames’ Uncivil War Bout

Gun Control in Oregon: There Really Isn’t Much

Ski Options: All Bundled Up, and Here’s Where to Go!… The Best, the Closest, and the Least Expensive

Trash Disposal in Corvallis 40 Years Out: Not Your Problem? Actually, It Is

e.b. glassworks: The Delicate Art of Heat and Timing

Corvallis Community Theater at the Majestic: Frustrated, But Not Forlorn

Artist’s Journal: Embracing Self-Interest in Art

Local Favorite Ambush Party Disbands: Don’t Miss Their Final Show!

May Day Festival Fundraiser Concert: Six Local Bands on February 2nd

Ask a Dumb Question: Fire Extinguishers vs. Flour

Culture Fail: A Local Foodie Comes Out of the Corporate Closet… I Love Buffalo Wild Wings!

A Corvallis Advocate Haiku

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