Local Sustainability Awards (and the Envelope, Please…)

bentonBenton, our favorite environmentally conscious county, has given away its first award to honor individuals and organizations that give back to our community in the form of environmental progress. David Eckert and the Corvallis Sustainability Water Action Team that he leads are the recipients, and for good reason: they have been putting together and into action initiatives to promote efficient and healthy streams with the goal in mind of decreasing water usage and increasing the cleanliness of local streams. Their success is what directly led them to be selected out of all applications.

Making the selection was the Environmental Issues Advisory Committee, which is appointed by the Board of Commissioners in order to help make environmental recommendations actionable, advise on related environmental issues, as well as gathering information on changes in legislation and regulation that affect the local environment.

Another award was given out, the Sustainability Award, to Benton County corrections deputy Sayard Schultz. Amongst her contributions to her department was the creation of recycling and composting stations, working on associated committees, volunteering her time as part of Benton County’s Fair Green Team and more.