Stranded on a Dessert Island: Life is Short, Eat the Sweet Stuff First

browniesAs Michael Jackson once said, “You Know I’m Bad, I’m Bad-You Know It (Bad Bad-Really, Really Bad).” And you’re bad, downright rotten, even. So why not tell the rest of this issue to take a hike and head straight for the sweet stuff? That’s what I always do, and I’ve only had to replace seven teeth!

Eat and Drink 101’s Cast Iron Skillet Cookie
by Amy-Rose Simpson

This is a great spot to sit and have a drink, and small plate but really the best advice is to skip the meal. Order a few drinks and the cast iron skillet cookie. The menu warns it can take upwards of 20 minutes to come out because it is slow baked. This is actually perfect for a nice date when you want some time chat and have a drink. When this enormous chocolate chip cookie arrives, still piping hot in the cast iron skillet, it’s crispy on the edges and has that perfect soft center. Of course it is topped with heaps of vanilla ice cream that will melt quickly though this usually isn’t a problem as it is devoured quickly. 1 cookie can feed 4, though it more satisfies 2.

101 NW Jackson Ave.

Francesco’s Gelato
by Jesse Tomaino

When it comes to dessert I normally go the self-serve frozen yogurt route. I feel less shame shoveling on Butterfinger pieces myself. Every once in a while I want a classier frozen treat and for that I head to Francesco’s Gelato Caffé. While they don’t have a buffet of sneeze-guarded Gummi bears and cheesecake croutons for me to dig through, they do have rich, delicious gelato made on site from real, quality ingredients.

208 SW 2nd St.

Burst’s Chocolates
by Johnny Beaver

Here’s what you need to know about Burst’s: everything they concoct is great. Every last item. I don’t really even like chocolate that much, but after moving back from Europe all I could find that tickled ye olde fancy was Ritter or Milka – at least until moving to Corvallis and running into this confectionary. Their House Specialities are killer, including the ‘Gourmet Chocolate Seafoam’ and ‘Gourmet Chocolate Honey Sea Salt Caramel.’ I’d suggest buying the chocolate lover in your life a box as a gift, but instead you should just horde them for yourself.

353 SW Madison Ave.

Yogurt Extreme’s Yogurt
by Tom Baker

I was into froyo before it was cool, and a wave of sadness washed over me when the commercial empires invaded my creamy cool turf. Their offerings? Funky tasting flavors — funky like a used sock, not like Parlaiment –, stale toppings that were probably pulled from neglected vending machines, and sticky floors. Thankfully we live in one of the few communities where Yogurt Extreme remedies these problems. You can head on in there and stuff your face with a new random concoction every day, and it can even be seen as healthy if you squint just right and control your lesser instincts.

2001 NW Monroe Ave. Suite 108

Old World Deli Brownies
by Anis Plummer

If you think you’ve had a brownie before, but haven’t tried the ones at Old World Deli… well, you’re a damn liar. The best brownies I’ve ever had, Grandma definitely shouldn’t quit her day job. Luscious, rich, dirt cheap and just hanging out, waiting for you.

341 SW 2nd St

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