Corvallis Music Venues: A Lexicon for Performers and Listeners Alike

There are a number of great venues around town of all shapes and sizes, ranging from the large stage to the subdued coffee shop, to the quintessential rock club. We’ve compiled a list here of everything you need to know as a performer—and all the contact information you’d ever want as a listener.

rockerCloud & Kelly’s
126 SW 1st St. Corvallis, OR 97333
(541) 753-9900

Booking Contact: Visit
This is a fantastic riverfront pub location with a very steady flow of great bands and solo acts coming through – and for good reason. The environment is very warm and hospitable, suited for anything from indie rock to jazz, making it ideal for many different acts.
Has a PA? Yes

Bomb’s Away Cafe
2527 NW Monroe Ave.
(541) 757-7221

Booking Contact:
On the tip of every band’s tongue that I spoke to, this campus area venue is amongst the favorites and has a solid stage and very little difficulty pulling in a crowd (during the semester, at least).
Has a PA? Yes

Imagine Coffee
5460 SW Philomath Blvd
(541) 286-4340

Booking Contact: George Taylor 541-231-3761
As many know by now, Imagine Coffee is the incredibly art-and-music-friendly coffee house in between downtown and Philomath. It has a very friendly, chilled out atmosphere that’s perfect for listening level acts in the jazz, blues and acoustic spectrums.
Has a PA? Yes

Whiteside Theatre
361 SW Madison Ave, Corvallis, OR 97333

One of the most beautiful buildings in town, the Whiteside Theatre is host to a phenomenal acoustic environment. Bands that have played there have loved the experience. That said, unfortunately they require booking to be handled a year in advance, which is really far out there for a local band that isn’t on tour.
Has a PA? Yes

The Majestic
115 SW 2nd St.

Like the Whiteside, The Majestic is another upscale theatre. Much more likely to book larger regional acts than locals, it boasts a large lobby and huge performance space. If you’re looking to put on something big, this is a good place to look into.
Has a PA? Yes

Sunnyside Up Cafe
116 NW 3rd St.

Booking: In person
Although they’re not actively booking, it wouldn’t hurt to take a CD and your contact information up to this friendly business if you feel like your sound would vibe with their atmosphere. It would definitely make for a hip place to play.
Has a PA? No

The Beanery
500 SW 2nd St.

Booking Contact: Talk to Managers
With live music on Fridays and Saturdays, this downtown coffee shop offers a great subdued venue for those that like to turn it up to about 2, as opposed to 11. Although it is currently booked out through November, you can call in October to book for December, January and February.
Has a PA? No

Squirrels Tavern
100 SW 2nd St.
(541) 753-8057

Booking Contact: Julian or Greg
Squirrels Tavern is a downtown favorite across from the Peacock. The stage is in a funky position, but most bands seem to like it. Additionally, there’s no shortage of praise for the way management interacts with bands. All in all a very friendly venue to artists.
Has a PA? Yes

Fireworks Restaurant & Bar
1115 SE Third St.

Booking Contact:
A music-friendly restaurant just outside of downtown that’s great for solo acoustic acts and other low key performances. If you’re into intimate performances, Fireworks may be right up your alley.
Has a PA? Yes

Harrison’s Bar & Grill
550 NW Harrison Blvd
(541) 754-1017

Harrison’s is an excellent choice if you’re looking for that authentic, natural bar atmosphere. Friendly to band of all sorts.
Has a PA? Yes

1563 NW Monroe Ave.
(541) 754-5965

Booking Contact: Leave a message for Bill
A campus area coffee shop that has become a local legend. Not the biggest space for bands, nor the best acoustics (lots of glass), but it has a great vibe and stands up as one of the most art-friendly businesses in the city.
Has a PA? No

Old World Deli
341 SW 2nd St
(541) 752-8549

Booking Contact: Ask for Ted
Home to eclectic shows ranging from poetry to Belly Dance, Old World Deli is a very cool venue with a great ‘old world’ aesthetic that permeates the environment.
Has a PA: Yes

Did we miss anyone? Let us know in the comments section below!

By Johnny Beaver