Tim Blackburn Crosses Over to the Dark Side: Local Artist Sets Up Nigh-Permanent Show At Darkside Theater

timblackburnTim Blackburn of Drop Out Art and the Temporary Artists’ Guild has a new display up at Darkside Theater—for the indefinite future. You heard that right! The “movie-inspired modern urban deconstructionism and general dystopian atmosphere” of Blackburn’s work is intensely appropriate for the halls of the Darkside, as his imagery often references the heyday of classic film itself. Not only is it fantastic to have a marriage like this in a conceptual sense, but the combination of Darkside’s great choices in film with Blackburn’s skillful stencil work should go towards creating the kind of environment that Corvallisites are craving. Be sure to stop in, catch a movie (or four), and take in some world class artwork.

By Johnny Beaver