Southern Oregon’s Sugar Beets Assaulted… Meanwhile, the Mainstream Media Takes a Snooze

“Over the course of two nights in early June, an unknown person or group of people did significant damage to two plots of land used to grow genetically engineered sugar beets in Jackson County, Oregon. The plots are on private farmland leased and managed by Syngenta,” according to FBI Portland.

sugar beetBetween the nights of June 8 and June 11, over 6,500 sugar beet plants were destroyed. Syngenta higher-ups are quoted as saying that people must have “destroyed the plants by hand.” But perhaps more surprising than the actual act of economic sabotage—people have been railing against GMOs going on a decade now, after all—is the remarkable lack of coverage of the incident in mainstream news sources. Meanwhile, the FBI claims Syngenta’s financial losses are significant, and the group Oregonians for Food and Shelter is offering a $10,000 reward for information leading to conviction of the perpetrator.

But search the Internet for “Oregon sugar beets destroyed” and aside from the occasional local news source, the first few pages of search results link to politically subversive sites like Food World Order, Blacklisted News, and Democratic Underground. Giving the benefit of the doubt, perhaps media outlets are holding back until the whys and whos are more definitively answered. Perhaps 6,500 GMO sugar beets destroyed in the night simply isn’t news until the Earth Liberation Front claims responsibility.

By Mica Habarad

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2 thoughts on “Southern Oregon’s Sugar Beets Assaulted… Meanwhile, the Mainstream Media Takes a Snooze

  1. Um, I just looked up Oregonians for Food and Shelter – the board is made up of a bunch of timber and Monsanto like corporate representatives. Is Mica a shill for them?

  2. Hardly. The point of mentioning the FBI’s involvement and Oregonians for Food and Shelter’s $10,000 reward is to emphasize that the sugar beet destruction was considered a serious act. With the seriousness established, the lack of coverage becomes remarkable.
    My personal thoughts are that information about the destruction should be shared so citizens have a thorough understanding of our nation’s current political and environmental zeitgeist. The lack of coverage means people are not realizing how upset some of our population is about GMOs–and unfairly helps maintain the status quo.

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