Corvallis Walmart Three Months In: Can You Hear the Crickets Chirping?

walmartIt isn’t every day that you hear about a Walmart going out of business, or even shutting down for that matter. Sure, occasionally they’ll close their doors to obliterate efforts to unionize (just ask the residents of Jonquiere, Quebec). Or a foreign country will tire of their practices and send them packing, as was the case in Germany where they abandoned ship after a headbutt to local labor laws backfired—the candles for over eighty stores were blown out in less than a decade.

But what about our local franchise? At the tail end of an aggressive mass-mail campaign they seem to have resorted to what we affectionately call “sign dancers” in order to ramp up customer visits. After speaking to one such employee who wished to remain anonymous, the official story is that to management it is only about a less than ideal location. Apparently this will be overcome by waving a sign in the face of motorists—a seemingly rare practice for the retail giant. But my own suspicions were confirmed when said employee stated that the real skinny on the situation has more to do with sales being below expectation, and that they’re trying a few new things in an attempt to reverse the trend. A reasonable course of action, for sure.

But what happens if these attempts fail, and how bad are things, exactly (if at all)? Calls placed to our Corvallis Walmart were not returned. So the wait and speculation continues, then. Is Walmart here to stay, or will Corvallis eventually chew it up and spit it out?

By Johnny Beaver