PETA Still Fumbling With Outdated Tactics

peta pics4PETA showcased their film Glass Walls and exhibited birthing stalls that factory farms use to house sows this week. Chris Merrow, a particularly proud eight year Vegan, manned a projector situated inside a stifling hot inflatable tent. Complete with chicken wire walled seating for viewers, was a film about factoring farming. The point of the exhibit and film was plain: to convince OSU students to deny their evolutionary heritage and go vegan… to help the animals.

Being against “factory farming” makes sense, in some cases it needlessly causes suffering and to that extent the demo was compelling. But being told that the only way to solve this problem was to go Vegan is just too much.

Sadly Chris responded to the question, “Aren’t we evolved to eat meat?” with the analogy, “Would a young child choose to eat a bunny or an apple?”

Yes humanity needs to do a better job feeding itself, but the brute force approach is neither logical nor successful.

By William Tatum