Hannibal: NBC’s New Yawn Factory

Hugh Dancy as Special Agent Will Graham

Despite the silly Terminator meets Saw logo and Twilight’s David Slade at the helm, when I first heard about this series I was instantly excited. How could I not be? Having loved everything in the past save Red Dragon (sue me) and with the bar for television having been raised so much over the last several years, there was plenty of rope about by which to hoist my hopes up high. Unfortunately, however, the follow-through turned out to be sloppy and lackluster.

My main criticism of the show is that it inelegantly tries to sniff the current popular Sherlock throne. This is done primarily by way of modifying the main character, FBI special investigator Will Graham, awkwardly and quite severely into an unstable, neurotic Sherlock clone with a few low hanging personality trait fruits to juice over the course of a few seasons. Predictable. And to make matters worse, his crime scene visualization involves what appears to be a golden light saber moving in front of the screen. On the count of three… facepalm.

I’d mention more of the characters, plot or storyline… but it is all pretty run of the mill and forgettable. Their methods of adapting the storyline are effective but uninteresting. Is it the most terrible TV I’ve ever seen? Absolutely not. It’s just sorta blah. Ten years ago it may have blown minds, but there are a  dozen or so other shows out there right now that do it all much, much better.

By Johnny Beaver