Take a Hike and Benefit Greenbelt!

footwiseBuy some shoes and then visit one of the places your purchase will help protect. For every pair of Patagonia shoes purchased at Footwise from Saturday, May 18 to Saturday, June 1, $10 will go to the Greenbelt Land Trust. The donation, made by Patagonia, is part of its Advocate Weeks program.

This is the third year Footwise is participating in the program. In the first two years Patagonia donated $200 to $250 per year. The first year Footwise chose Greenbelt to be the beneficiary of the program. The second year the money went to the Corvallis Environmental Center.

“We want to keep the donation local,” said Luisa Arreola, store manager of Footwise in Corvallis. “We support non-profits that the Footwise community feels passionate about—Greenbelt makes a lasting difference for the future of Corvallis.”

Greenbelt’s mission is to conserve and protect lands that “provide a connection to the natural world for the residents of the Mid-Willamette Valley.”

They have permanently protected over 1,800 acres of land and own 376 acres that they are actively restoring. They have current land acquisition projects on Bald Hill Farm and Harkens Lake.

Greenbelt project details plus trail maps and awesome aerial photos are online at http://www.greenbeltlandtrust.org. For Footwise’s hours and location, visit http://www.footwise.com.

By Lana Jones