The Peacock Jello Shot Experiment

peacockWhen I first stepped into the Peacock this fateful 4 p.m., I had no expectations save some purposefully terrible scotch (my choice) and a depleting credit card. Instead, I was experimented upon by way of a kind man’s gesture and the science of one hell of an epic bartendress. After what seemed like an eternity (and was likely only about 10 minutes), I was handed a small plastic tub of green goo. I stuck my finger in, being the classy gentlemen that I am, and scooped the whole shebang into my gaping maw.

Mother of Gods. I have been to many bars, quite a few of which claim to have a “Margarita Jello Shot,” which in all reality was just a green jello shot that tasted ‘green’ and could, perhaps be found to have particles of tequila after being run through a mass spectrometer. This item, however, was the holy grail. I swear, I could almost taste the salt on the rim.

There are many concoctions around this great Corvallis that I consider to be brilliant creations, and this one just made the list. As far as I could tell, it is not yet a menu item—as I was able to catch one fresh from the sea—but your wailing cries and beggars hands might change that… and it’s not something that could happen soon enough.

By Johnny Beaver

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