OPW Goes Dark

After 26 years spent opposing war and injustice and advocating for the environment, Oregon PeaceWorks (OPW) is closing its doors. The organization has left a lasting impact—among its many accomplishments, it led the statewide charge against both Iraq wars.

First publishing its magazine The PeaceWorker in 1988, OPW went on to become a staple in the Pacific Northwest  and won two awards from Peace Action (http://www.peace-action.org/).

There’s no doubt that this is one of our state’s greatest losses during the failing economy. But where one tale ends, OPW Program Director Peter Bergel suggests that another begins:

“It’s sad that the Oregon PeaceWorks era has come to an end, but there are other excellent organizations that do related kinds of peace-oriented work. Personally, I plan to continue the work I believe in—work that addresses our most pressing national security threats such as climate change, skewed spending priorities, and income disparity.”

For more information, visit http://oregonpeaceworks.org/.


By Johnny Beaver

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