Local Boutique Publishes Poetry, Flash Fiction

Headquartered out of a small office in downtown Corvallis, Cloudbank Books collects poetry and flash fiction (extremely short fiction) from writers as close as Corvallis and as far away as Hong Kong. About 40 out of hundreds of submissions are collected in its semi-annual journal of the same name. The top selected piece wins a $200 prize.

The sixth incarnation came out in January, and the seventh edition will release in August. Oregon poets including Vern Rutsala and Barbara Drake have been featured in the past.

Cloudbank was started in 1999 by Peter Sears and Michael Malan. Sears teaches at the MFA program at Pacific University in Portland and Malan has been published in several national reviews.

Cloudbank’s first book, Millennial Spring, was published in 1999. It was a selection of poems from Oregon poets. In 2009, they started the Cloudbank magazine. It is sold through subscriptions and also at Powell’s Books. Only about 350 copies are printed for each release, making it a collectible item.

All of the work is done on a volunteer basis by Sears, Malan, associate editor Roberta Sperling, and an intern from the Oregon State University poetry MFA program.

Cloudbank’s submission guidelines are pretty standard: authors can submit no more than five poems or short pieces that have not been published elsewhere. Submission details can be found on their website, http://www.cloudbankbooks.com/Submissions.html.


By Lana Jones

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