Artist Profile: Andy Myers

I first met Andrew Myers a year or two ago after signing up for a basic drawing class he was offering at Linn-Benton Community College’s Benton Center. Already having been acquainted with the visual arts for quite some time, I knew that there was something particularly enticing and powerful about his style, even if it was just being exercised to show myself and my classmates how to properly shade a sphere, or draw our 3,228th sheet draped over a chair. Like the ancient kung fooey practice of slapping a bowl of water repeatedly, eventually I drew one hell of a sheet.

Sweet Home (detail) by Andy Myers

But in all seriousness, Andy is a fantastic artist of the highest order. He achieved his BA in art from Eastern Oregon University and then went on to snag an MFA from Portland State University. He now teaches drawing at OSU and recently received a two-week residency at the famed Calderra Arts Center in Sisters as part of an East Meets West artist collective.

Mobile Home 3 by Andy Myers

To be blunt, he has created some of the most striking drawn and printed images I’ve seen. I remember perusing an exhibit of his work at a gallery at LBCC. At first I couldn’t even tell what kind of process he was using—but I quickly stopped caring, as I was floored by beautiful images of wheelbarrows carrying entire villages and how the imagery evolved as I moved from one work to another down the wall. For me, the images were transformative, as I saw within them the landscape of my own art moving elsewhere. Then you turn around and there’s a multi-page, gigantic wolf-beast bearing down on you. For those of you familiar with Andy’s work, you’ll realize that yes, this piece has gotten a lot of attention despite everything else he’s done being gorgeously rendered… but for good reason!

Sweet Home (detail) by Andy Myers

According to Andy, his artistic approach lies in the realm of drawing, monotypes, printmaking, and site-specific installations. Sadly, I’ve only seen a few of these thus far in my lifetime. For both our sakes, I hope that you (the reader, not the person behind you staring at the art… fine, them too) and I will have an opportunity to feast upon his future exhibits, or at the very least take some of his classes.


By Johnny Beaver

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