Corvallis 2063: The Arts Center Calls for Exhibit Proposals

The Corvallis Arts Center, celebrating its 50th year, has put forth a request for proposals for an exhibition titled “Corvallis 2063.” The exhibit will look 50 years ahead, and depict what artists think Corvallis will look like in 2063. Artists will select a current location in Corvallis—the Courthouse, Riverfront Park, the farmer’s market, etc.—and create a rendition of what it will look like and be in future.

According to the request for proposals, “practical constraints can be taken into account (future technology, funding, population, laws, etc), but should not hamper the creative approach for solutions. What will transportation look like, how will neighborhoods develop, will the green belt around Corvallis remain intact, what kind of architecture will be prevalent? Currently Corvallis is a small size college town, with only a few manufacturing places. Will that remain the same, what will be different?”

While the exhibit is open to all media, including video, the Art Center has requested that proposals come from collaborative teams of artists from multiple disciplines—“poets, painters, sculptors and planners”—interested in visualizing the future and sharing that vision with the public. It is believed that these teams may delve deeper into the science of planning and futurology then individual artists. As an artistic team, these disciplines can “emphasize the role art can play to enhance the identity of Corvallis.”

The “Corvallis 2063” exhibition will held July 11 – 17 in order to coincide with the da Vinci Days Festival. The deadline for proposals is Feb 25. For more information, visit the Art Center’s website ( or call 541-754-1551.

by Nathaniel Brodie