Finally Time to Tell Your Valentine How You Feel? The Advocate Can Help!

Finally time to tell your Valentine how you feel? Or maybe you’d just like to give that evil ex a piece of your mind on V-Day. Send your glorious Valentine’s Day messages of love—or was that pure unadulterated loathing?—to the Corvallis Advocate at (50 words max!) by February 5th! And look for your best (or at least weirdest) love and hate messages to appear in our February 14th issue, because we just love you guys!!

And if you were wondering, we’ll only publish initials (no full names), so go nuts, fellow Corvallisites… we already have!

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2 thoughts on “Finally Time to Tell Your Valentine How You Feel? The Advocate Can Help!

  1. Awww. It is so sad to see one more community media outlet assisting the negative in the human family, when practicing the good is so overly avoided, being treated as though goodness is only fashionable or popular in public communication.
    Did ya have to include “Hate” mail for Valentine’s Day?

    1. At the Advocate we simply believe in free expression – to that end, we ask for both loving and not-so-loving messages. Relationships can be both good and bad, and our readers are free to submit whichever type of message they feel best suits their own personal circumstances! And we firmly believe that the content of our publication shows that “goodness” is never overrated.

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