Vivi’s Lust and Love: It Doesn’t Always Take Two to Tango

Self-pleasure (yes, I’m referring to masturbation) is a factor of sexuality that frequently has its importance downplayed, due to the outdated concept that only single males practice it. The truth is that both sexes in all relationship stages masturbate, and in moderation, it’s a wonderful thing. No other sexual act allows for an individual to discover what feels good to their body without the risk of STDs or pregnancy. This is especially important for the female side of the equation, as reaching orgasm can be a very fine-tuned process and even the most well-meaning of partners can’t know when and where those “oh YES!” spots are unless women have an inkling themselves. There’s also no need for either sex to rush into physical relations, and the fallout they can cause, when self-pleasure is available as an outlet. Likewise, when in a relationship, there’s no need to play the hide/shame game when a partner wants some “alone time” once in a while. Just be honest with each other about said practices – you’ll be surprised how outing those desires can often lead to more fun in the bedroom and more mental stimulation for you during your alone time!


By  Vivian Bailey