Vivi’s Lust and Love: Does Size Matter?

Women think we’ve got the insecurity market cornered, but when it comes to size, men seem to be just as crazy. Thanks to the last few decades of pornography, men have gotten the idea that in order to satisfy your partner you need to have an enormous penis. Gentlemen, this is silly. The average penis is approximately 5 inches long and the average vagina is 4 inches deep. Think about that for a moment. Not only is a huge penis not necessary- it’s not wanted. The majority of women I’ve spoken with on the issue throughout my life have never said, “My partner is only 5 inches. Can you believe that?” Those who do demand a larger size are sometimes attempting to fulfill a kind of porn star role, “the woman who can’t get enough” because she thinks that’s what you want. I’ve been saying it to women for years, guys: you’re beautiful just the way you are.

By Vivian Bailey