Tickets still available for Stairway Denied at the Majestic

From blistering guitar to thunderous drums, Stairway Denied doesn’t just ignite the Led Zeppelin fire in all of us, they set it ablaze.

Gathered together to pay tribute to one of the most beloved, innovative and influential bands in rock and roll history, Led Zeppelin, drummer Chris Harver, guitarists Curtis Monette and Dylan Nelson, multi-instrumentalist Dusty Stallings, and vocalist Noah Stroup uniquely meld the fiery improvisation of Zeppelin’s live performances with the intricate, well-polished sound of their studio work. Unlike most tribute bands, Stairway Denied does not attempt to recapture the look of the band, only the sound. From the heavy guitar riffs and booming basslines, to the wailing vocals and powerful drums, Stairway Denied strongly delivers a show for Led Zeppelin lovers both young and old.

See for yourself.


Stairway Denied: A Led Zeppelin Tribute

* When: February 25th, 2012 (show starts at 9:00 p.m.)
* Majestic Theatre on 115 SW 2nd St., Corvallis
* Admission: $10 online or at the door
* Box Office: 541-758-7827
* Beer and wine bar available before and during the show.



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