New Issue: December 20th, 2012

Cover 122012 New Issue: December 20th, 2012

In this week’s Corvallis Advocate…

Governor Kitzhaber Rushes Legislature to Secure Nike’s Oregon Expansion

Walmart Update: The Monster Comes to 9th Street

The Union: LEED Certified Apartments Break Ground

Zoommers Chocolates Blend Energy and Activism

Corvallis’ Pucking Narwhals: Underwater Hockey at Osborn Aquatic Center

What’s a Forest to Do?: As McDonald’s Timber Revenues Fall, Recreation Rises

Corvallis’ Landfill Produces Local Electricity: Updates on the Horizon?

Veganizing Your Holiday: Delicious Meals, No Animal Products Necessary

Peace Seedlings: Andean Roots Take Hold in Corvallis

Buying Used in Corvallis: Local Shops Have You Covered for Bikes, Clothes, Books, and More

Culture Fail: Let’s Plant Giant Invasive Flammable Reeds in Oregon!

Picks of the Week!

Calendar: December 20th – 27th

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