Corvallis Weekly Joins The Advocate

Corvallis Weekly Independent devotees encountered news of the newspaper’s own with this Tuesday’s publication; a decision by the newspaper to shift its efforts from its own publication to supporting The Corvallis Advocate and its efforts to broaden its coverage.  Social media reaction was immediate and favorable.

The Corvallis Advocate’s Publisher, Steven J. Schultz commented, “The CWI staff is incredibly hardworking and this could not have been an easy decision to make.”  Schultz also disclosed that discussions began only last week and concluded early this week, saying also, “While everything has happened quite quickly, I already have a sense that the CWI staff is energized and ready to help, this could be a very good thing for our community.”

Circulation crews at The Corvallis Advocate will start distribution to CWI racks and stands this week and work sessions are also planned between senior staff of both publications for late this week – collaborations with CWI writers will likely be the first order of business as this is a primary goal for management at both publications.

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1 thought on “Corvallis Weekly Joins The Advocate

  1. I’m sure this was a bit of a surprise to CWI staff, but I think it’s a great thing. I’ve been supporting both CWI and the Advocate since they started, and while I like them both, there seemed to be so much overlap and similarities – especially in terms of advertisers – that I wondered each week how long both could continue to survive. The merger seems like the best solution, and I have no doubt that the resultant publication will be even better. Maybe a name change is in order? The Corvallis Independent Advocate? Think of the cool CIA t-shirts!

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