Artist Profile: Snail

"Breaking the Curse" by Snail
"Divided" by Snail
"Costume" by Snail
"Floating Cloudforms" by Snail


"Lunar Loon" by Snail
"Breaking Up" by Snail
"I Eated It" by Snail
"Duck-billed Pegasus" by Snail

Snail was always an artist, even as a very young child. When adults asked her what she wanted to be when she grew up, she never hesitated to inform them of this fact, and found them very strange for assuming the need to grow up in order to be herself. Bullied at school for her eccentricity, her extreme sensitivity, and her painful shyness, Snail hated feeling trapped and used her art to escape, often drawing on her desk when lectures became repetitive.

After high school, Snail studied art at Linfield College and at the Art Institute of Portland. She gave up when she realized that for her, the most important lessons involved human interconnections, and that she could find easier ways of making friends despite her social anxiety.

Snail’s current art style is a result of self-rediscovery. Her natural love of art was temporarily damaged when a bad relationship left her feeling uninspired and disconnected from her creative core. She stopped drawing for over seven years, until a visit from an online friend changed her life and helped her find her lost creative spark. When the artistic visions returned, they rushed in with greater potency than ever before, and she had to buy a brighter set of colored pencils in order to express her powerful feelings.

Every drawing starts as a scribble to make the blank page less intimidating, and from each scribble comes the expression of Snail’s subconscious thoughts and feelings related to her emotional world. The art is as meaningful as dreaming, only better, because Snail fears the nightmares she almost always encounters while asleep. Now that Snail is married to her soul mate, her art has once again begun evolving. It will be interesting to see where it goes from here, since most of it comes as symbolic representations of her various life adventures.

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