American Spring: Symposium Schedule of Events

American Spring Symposium

Weekends of May 12-13, May 19-20

Change is coming to America–or is it? The Arts Center presents American Spring, a symposium on radical change in America, to discuss whether it’s happening, the implications, and the historical context.
Four panels of experts will explore various avenues of change – from music to media, strikes, and grow-your-own-food efforts. The goal is to open up group discussions on radical change, plus place contemporary movements such as Occupy Wall Street and Arab Spring in their historical contexts.

Topics include:

  • Saturday, May 12 – “This Machine Kills Fascists: Woody Guthrie and Populism in Music”
  • (Followed by documentary about Woody Guthrie’s 1941 stay in Portland; 7 p.m. at the Majestic Theatre, 115 SW 2nd St.; Cost: $7)
  • Sunday, May 13 – “Strike! Organizing Labor in the 21st Century”
  • Saturday, May 19 – “The Revolution Will Be Live-Streamed: Rethinking Media and Journalism”
  • Sunday, May 20 – “Seeds of Victory: War Gardens and the ‘Grow Local’ Movement”

All panels take place at 2 p.m. at the Arts Center, 700 SW Madison Ave., Corvallis. Admission is free. For more information, visit The Arts Center’s website