Remember the Alamo [Bowl]! Corvallis’ Best Spots to Watch the Beavers Take on the Longhorns

The OSU Beavers play the Texas Longhorns on Saturday, Dec. 29 in the Alamo Bowl.  And perhaps you’re wondering which watering hole would be the best place to drunkenly celebrate—or drunkenly weep—when the Beavers take the field.

Flat Tail Brewery: It’s hard to beat frickles and multiple TVs for game viewing, but that’s about all the specials on tap for game day. Lots of seating means those in the family way can turn the kids loose and still eat, drink, and watch the game. For those of us who prefer our whisky without a side of toddler, this is not the ideal viewing spot.

Squirrels: Watching the Beavers’ games at Squirrels is like watching with your drunk, fun family. Lots of cheering, beer guzzling, and great food to be had. The negatives are a lack of TV viewing spots unless you arrive super-early. You’ve been warned.

The Peacock: Cheap beer, lots of TVs, and cheap beer make the Peacock a go-to for game day. Plus, if you pass out in the alley that night, you can stumble in the next morning for pancakes and cheap beer. Win-win!

China Delight: If you’re like me and want your bars dark and seedy and your drinks stiff and steady, this is the best place to be—and the best viewing for the game with two large TVs on either end of the bar. Russell, the barkeep, is funny and knows his stuff. China D. has great happy hour specials and on game days the regulars have been known to put on a potluck. No kids. No whining. No back-seat bartending. Sold.

by Bridget Egan