Artist Profile: Caradon

Oregon's Edge by Caradon

Waterworld by Caradon

Vintner's Shed by Caradon

Tractor Jim's Calligraphy by Caradon

Caradon is a passionate painting duo based right here in the Willamette Valley. The artists, Donna Beverly and Carolee Clark, are long-time friends, each with her own unique style. Combined, however, their creations take on a form all of their own.

It all started in 2007—feeling uninspired by their paintings, they decided to add their own personal touches to each others’ works. The two artists claim it was an exhilarating experience an after working fervently into the late evening, they decided to create an entire series dedicated to their collaborative work. And so, Caradon was born.

Twigged Out by Caradon

Clark explains, “We each start a painting, and then switch paintings. In these early stages we have complete freedom to change and work on the painting in any manner we wish.  When the work is nearing completion, we begin to work more closely, carefully and honestly critiquing the painting until we agree that it is finished and at a very high quality, allowing the Caradon signature.”

Caradon, deriving from “Cara”-lee and “Don”-na, even collaborates—and switches around—its signature. Donna contributes the “Cara” and Carolee finishes it off with the “-don.”

Caradon draws upon the strengths of both talented artists to create a masterpiece. Their work is imbued with a playful touch, no matter the subject. Together, Caradon has compiled a striking and colorful portfolio of patchwork-esque pieces, stitched together in perfect cohesion. It’s as if the subjects could not possibly appear in any way other than the painters intended them to, defying our own perceptions of reality.

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By Sarah Page