Culture Fail: Back Off, Holidays

It is not Christmas. Or Halloween. If you stick your head out the window, you will not see people caroling. You will not see children dressed as ghosts. That’s months away.

Why, then, has the barrage of holiday merchandise begun? Why the stacks of Halloween candy in bright orange packages greeting us at Fred Meyer? Why the tinsel and Santas at Michaels? Why, dear God, the motion-activated, ghostly-wailing, fake-cobwebbed entranceway to the Goodwill on 9th Street?

As an avid hiker, this is an affront to every fiber of my being. Summer is short enough as it is—especially in a state where good hiking weather in the mountains is confined to about two months. It’s mid-September, and I don’t need a reminder that the holidays are coming. They are on the same dates every single year, I believe.

So please, overenthusiastic storeowners, please just back off from my summer. Don’t spoil my enjoyment of these delightful 90-degree days and their blissful, blissful sunshine with the anticipation of a grey and dreary holiday season. I know that the holidays will arrive as scheduled. Consumers will still buy crap they don’t need when the appropriate time comes. And it doesn’t need to be Christmas four months out of every year.


By Jen Matteis



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